As an insurance brokerage firm authorized to act as an intermediary in the execution and consultation of insurance contracts, ASEGURE designs insurance programs related to the products from the Insurers that aptly cover risk exposure, looking for the best offers available in the market at any given moment. In this process, we take special care in searching for and recommending Insurers with proven financial soundness. All this with the intention that despite extended periods of time and the ever-changing nature of the market, your insurance program will be maintained as far as possible at its optimal point with regard to cost and protection. We will manage your portfolio. Thus, when a client has an accident, we will make sure that he or she receives compensation from the Insurers. Our clients will not be left alone in their time of need.

International contact and the ability to deal with different cultures.

Important and continuous investment in information technology.

Ability to work as a team, not only between us, but also with our colleagues, with the original agents and you.

Asegure provides bilingual service.

We are approximately 100 persons in Asegure at your service.


The professional integrity of the advisor is the end all and be all in a relationship. Without integrity, the relationship is worthless. Hence, the client’s interests always come first.

Zeal for Excellence

A zeal for excellence is the attitude we put into each effort. Perfection is not always possible in practice but the permanent effort to achieve it is.


There is nothing new under the sun. But we bring to the table an intelligent combination of ideas, information and data to produce the best solution with which you will be pleased and comfortable.

Work Ethics

The opportunity to provide an honest, reliable and competent effort for you as our client is an important part of the satisfaction we feel when we retire to our homes.