In 2012, the insurance premiums generated by all the lines, excepting for Auto and Health, corresponded to approximately 20% of the total amount covered by the Venezuelan insurance market. Based on past performance we believe that, for one reason or another, many risks are not provided with better coverage in our market.

However, Asegure has a long history of serving corporate accounts with complete programs that go from coverage for Properties and Business Interruption, Maritime and Ground Transportation, General Civil, Business and Employer’s Liability, Securities and others, in combination with Risk Management techniques with an emphasis on European and Latin American multinational companies.

We have the expertise of working with high-level persons in this market and if necessary of travelling to other countries. Furthermore we have a 38-year track record in this activity coupled with an excellent reputation. In other words: we speak your language.

Our service covers:
- Evaluative conversations with the customer
- Analysis of information
- Design of insurance programs
- Research for underwriting capacity
- Coverage Placement
- Management of premium collection
- Processing of Renewals
- Policy Summaries
- Loss Statistics
- Other

In the case of inspections of property or operations that are necessary to understand the risks to be insured, we will coordinate with risk inspectors duly authorized by the Insurance Activity Superintendence.

See also the special section on loss and claims on our website.

All Insurance Lines

Fire, Earthquake, Theft, Transportation, Currency, Technical Lines, Combined Risk, Business Interruption, Securities, Aircraft, Ships, Agricultural.


Fire, Riots, Civil Uprising, Earthquake, Flooding, Business interruption, Theft.

Industries and

Machinery breakdown, Business Interruption.


Commercial Activity Risks.


Buildings, industrial facilities, bridges, dams, tunnels, docks.

Ground Transportation

Accidents involving the transport vehicle, fire, collapse of bridges or roads, river and lake transportation, and others.

Maritime and
Air Transportation

Loss or damage to vessels, aircraft, cargo or freight when the property is transferred or stored between point of origin and final destination.