In Asegure we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional ethics.
We place our customers’ interests before ours.
This is reflected in the following principles that guide us.
• ASEGURE is constituted as a brokerage firm and, in accordance with the Insurance Activity Act, is authorized to place insurance. In this capacity it is dedicated to the defense of the interests of the consumers of insurance.

• ASEGURE will always make every effort to offer the most modern techniques in existence and of proven utility. To this effect, it will remain in constant contact with companies and organizations at the national and international level, with an emphasis on those countries where the main development of technical insurance takes place.

• ASEGURE works with a ZEAL FOR EXCELENCE so that its product, advice and subsequent solutions are always of the highest quality and of real value for the consumers. It distances itself from any improvisation and solutions that are only of face value.

• ASEGURE guarantees that its clients will be informed of the best conditions available to them in the marketplace.

• ASEGURE declares that it is operating with the goal of obtaining a fair and just benefit in consonance with the utility of the services provided.