We are fully conscientious of the fact that an insurance policy kicks into action when the event, which we advised you about, occurs. Thus, we promise you this: You will not be alone in the event of an accident.

During our professional exercise we have acted on our clients’ behalf in many claims, solving problems and obstacles. Some of these are mentioned below which have been recorded in our memory due to their complexity:

1. Loss under a construction policy for a large dam.
2. Loss due to fire in various industries.
3. Various losses under construction policies, later converted to operational, during the presence of private companies in the development of the Orinoco Oil Belt.
4. Operator's Extra Expense - Control de Pozos incluyendo Blow-Out.
5. Loss due to landslides affecting a large hotel.
6. Loss due to equipment breakdown and business interruption at a petrochemical plant.
7. Loss incurred during shipping of cargo at the time of currency devaluation.
8. The offshore sinking of a towed barge.
9. Shipwrecking of a yacht.
10. Loss due to product liability at a petrochemical plant.
11. Loss occurring at the moment of removal of a heavy crane.
12. Serious road accident with multiple deaths.
13. Loss due to employee dishonesty for the theft of merchandise by a company’s executive board.
14. Loss due to serious personal injury of persons under business liability.

All these losses, with a sole exception (No. 8), ended successfully. In Claim No. 5, the Insured lost in arbitration.

We use the term “loss” in reference to the claims related to Property or Liability policies.


It is the fire that destroys that which is not meant to be burnt. The appearance of a fire implies the occurrence of a flame out of control.


Insurance against property damage to the goods transported, the means used, or other insured objects, which may occur during or as a consequence of the transportation.


Articles 806 to 888 of the Code of Commerce indicate the provisions that apply to Shipping Insurance.