Over the years, Health Insurance, commonly known in Venezuela as HCM (Hospitalization, Surgery and Maternity), has become of great importance, especially in its collective application. 46,94% of the premiums collected in the Venezuelan market come from this line. Almost every company with any number of employees today has a program of this nature. During the past decade, this coverage has been expanded to include all workers, including factory workers. Normally a health program in Venezuela is extended to include up to the parents of the worker.

There are basically two types of HCM policies: “at risk” giving to the Insurer the risk in return for a fixed cost, or “managed” as in a self-insurance administered by Insurers or Healthcare Administrators, at an estimated cost. Healthcare Administrators are not supervised by the Insurance Activity Superintendence. It is our view that self-insurance is only justified when the Client does not have any interesting offers in the commercial insurance market. Very often, the concepts of “at risk” and “managed” are also combined.

Our job as brokers is to provide you with a solid program in coverage and insured amount tailored to your needs at an adequate cost, backed by the appropriate studies and statistics; keep your program up to date in order to guarantee the satisfaction of your personnel in this very important aspect for all families. It goes without saying that we will also manage your policy with all that this may entail.

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All Insurance Lines

Hospitalization-Group, Hospitalization-Individual, Life –Group, Personal Injury-Group, Personal Injury- Individual, Employer’s Liability, Funeral Plans, Life -Mortgage, Life –Individual, Life -Annuity.

Private or Corporate
Insurance Plans

Health insurance plans are an important tool in retaining talent. They are of primary necessity. They are usually of a curative nature.


It may be necessary to enter a clinic either due to an emergency or elective surgery. This insurance includes minor or additional concepts such as ophthalmology and dental plans.


Motherhood is normally associated with a time of great happiness. For this reason we make a distinction between claims and loss.

Personal Injury

For those who cannot afford to purchase whole life insurance the Personal Injury Insurance also covers disability by accident.


An insurance that allows you to continue protecting your loved ones even in your absence. Unfortunately, its usage has decreased in our country

Funeral Plans

Under the modality of service or payment of Insured Capital, Burial insurance provides the support you need in those difficult moments.