Venezuela is exceptional in many regards. More so in the area of Auto insurance, as vehicles do not depreciate but increase in value over time, and another reason to keep the vehicle in good working conditions and also to keep it properly insured. Your vehicle is many things at once; a means of transport, a status symbol, an object of primary necessity, a beast of burden but always a major investment that should be protected. Venezuelans know this and for this reason 32% of the premiums collected correspond to this line in this market.

Asegure has a long track record and experience in providing individual or fleet policies. With more than 40 Insurers in the country there is a wide range of prices and premiums available. We can help you choose the best option.

Keep in mind that “best” is not always that which costs less.

Policies usually cover crashes, overturning, collisions, fire or simply accidental physical damage, and can (and should) include as options potentially great risks of destruction such as earthquake, flooding or riots. Accessories are also covered. An important part of any auto insurance is civil liability coverage, as well as excess coverage and complementary personal injury. Criminal defense is another aspect that your policy should cover.

Our job as brokers is to provide you an excellent program in coverage and insured amount tailored to your needs at the best cost possible, backed by the appropriate studies and statistics and keep your program up to date in order to guarantee the satisfaction of your personnel. We will also manage your policy with all that this may involve.

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Total Loss, Partial Loss, Riot, Catastrophic Coverage, Daily Indemnity, Travel Assistance, Civil Liability: Damage to things and persons, Criminal Defense, Excess Limits; Occupants’ Personal Injury: Accidental Death, Permanent Disability, Medical Expenses.

Individual or Fleet