1. Consult us first; we are your ADVISORS in the event of a problem or inconvenience. Call us if at the moment of entering a clinic a problem may arise.

2. We process the following matters for you:
   • Your letter of guarantee (letters of commitment to pay).
   • Your reimbursement claims from the Insurers.
   • We revise the indemnification calculation and we handle any issues of differences with the Insurers.
   • We analyze the cases that were rejected and we inform you if the rejection is admissible or not. We have a Consulting service for these issues
     • A Specialized Medical and Legal Consultancy for handling a claim if necessary.
3. You have the support from our Account Manager and if this is not enough…
4. You will always count additionally on the support of the associate responsible for the account.

Our service includes the provision of statistical data related to claims and resulting losses.

24-HOUR SERVICE, at 0500-ASEGURE (0500 2734873), including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, to assist you when problems arise with the emergency codes.

The customer will have at his or her disposal an Asegure Executive, at the time and day indicated, to attend to the employees on the premises of the company.

This Executive will have the appropriate technological resources to ensure the quality of service.